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So I did a scan and came back with 700 charts but they are not in a chart watch list and if i place them there I can only see 500, is there any way to save them all before I try to name them in a watch list and lose 200? I really don't have to see them all as its a pretty generic scan but I ran across this problem and wondered if there was a way to save all of them.


  • You could try saving the results as a .csv file, then copy the first 400 symbols to one list and the remaining 300 symbols to another list.

    Or, you could add conditions to your scan that you can switch on and off, such as


    // [group is EnergySector]
    // or [group is MaterialsSector]
    // or [group is IndustrialSector]
    // ...
    // or [group is UtilitiesSector]
    // ]

    or maybe something with market cap

    // and [market cap > 10000] // or whatever
    // and [market cap < 10000]

    So you would leave everything commented out with // until you got a scan with too many results. Then you would run the scan twice more, once with one half commented out, then again with the other half commented out.
  • prefect
    Thx you Markd
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