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what is the code for excluding etf's from scan search criteria

trying to exclude etf's from my scan search criteria. I have tried "and[stock is not an etf], but that does not seem to work based on syntax error message. Any suggestions?


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    Try this:

    and [group is not ETF]

    The way to get to that is, select the group you want to exclude from one of the drop downs on the Advanced Scan Workbench - in this case, Indexes and ETFs, add it to the scan, then edit the result to include "not".
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    Seems this is one of the scans weak points, I use the following and many that I've excluded still show up. Very agrivating sorting through themany returns.
    and [country is US]
    and [group is not ETFNOUI]
    and [group is not ETF ]
    and [exchange is not PINK]
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    Did you try excluding just ETFs and not mentioning ETFNOUI, in other words:

    and [country is US]
    and [group is not ETF ]
    and [exchange is not PINK]

    If you say group is NOT NOUI - then you are asking FOR the ultra ETFs (double negative is a positive). That is probably what you are getting that you do not want.

    Also, you could try asking for exactly what you do want, rather than what you don't want. So,, for instance, if you specify what sectors you want, only those sectors will show up, and nothing that is not assigned to that sector.

    [group is Industrials]
    [group is ConsumerDiscretionary]

    To avoid PINKs and other junk, you could ask for a market cap threshold, e.g. 100 million

    and [market cap > 100]

    This is what I use below. It may or may not suit you:

    [[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASDAQ]]

    and [symbol not contains '/']


    [ // sectors open bracket

    [[market cap > 100] and [group is EnergySector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is MaterialsSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is IndustrialSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is CyclicalsSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is ConsumerStaplesSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is HealthCareSector]]
    or [[market cap > 1000] and [group is FinancialSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is TechnologySector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is CommunicationServicesSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is UtilitiesSector]]
    or [[market cap > 100] and [group is RealEstateSector]]
    ] // sectors close bracket

    Note the market cap for Financials is much higher than the other groups because there are so many small banks in the sector.

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