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60 day new high

would like to scan, 60 day new high 4 days ago,and each day after high = or lower high (pullback)

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  • gordgord admin
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    Here is an example of how to create this scan. It can be done fairly simply using the drop down menus to get you started on the right format. However it does require reading the scan training documentation to understand the coding format, give it a try and you'll pick it up quickly.

    Note: all the lines with // in front are just comment statements, they are ignored by the scan engine, so you can just cut and paste the whole block of code into the advanced scan engine.
    [type = stock]
    and [country is US]
    and [ volume > 500000 ]
    // Insert price indicator high
    //and [High > 99.9]
    // then modify it to read
    and [high < 1 day ago high]
    //then add copy / paste & modify for the next for day two and three back
    and [1 day ago high < 2 day ago high]
    and [2 day ago high < 3 day ago high]
    // then insert the predefined scan for 52 week high
    // and [today's high > yesterday's daily max(253,high)]
    // then modify it for the previously starting 60 day high
    and [3 days ago high > 4 days ago daily max(60,high)]
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