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scan for stocks that close above SMA or EMA

Can I scan for stocks that close above or below SMA or EMA on the weekly chart. Also is there a way to automate scanning and receive an email with the results or do we have to run them manually? Thx


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2019
    Yes. You need to decide the length (how many weeks) in the ema or sma, then you would ask for weekly close crosses above weekly sma(x, weekly close). So for instance,

    and [weekly close x weekly sma(40, weekly close)]

    You have to run scans manually, but you can run technical alerts, which are similar to scans, automatically and get notified in a variety of ways. Technical alerts are explained here:

    Scan writing help begins here:

    It's probably a good idea to look at some sample scans (available in the documentation) to get an idea what you can do.
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