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Automatic warning is a little yellow triangle on the left side of the scan

When I use a one day offset ( 1 Day ago ) instead of the word ( yesterday's ) a little yellow triangle appears on the left side of the scan telling me that "There is a mismatch between the time periods or offsets. The scan results seem to be the same either way that I write the scan but I am curious to know if it really does affect the results and I just haven't seen it yet? The reason that it is important to me is because I write some very long scans and I am repetative so every character is precious in some of my scans.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2019
    I found it will not generate a warning if you use "yesterday's" and "today's", and it will not generate a warning if you use "1 day ago" and "0 days ago", but it will generate a warning if you use "1 day ago" and "today's" or "1 day ago" and no modifier for the current value.

    The documentation says the warning indicates you "may" not get the intended results. If you can live with that, it's not a problem. I don't know in detail how the scan engine works, so I can't say whether results would be inconsistent. If it's critical, the safe thing to do is write code that generates no errors.

    If many of your lines are repetitive, it may be possible to condense the code by reconsidering how you group your ands and ors, or whether to break up the scan into several more manageable smaller ones.
  • Thanks Mark. If you remember me, I am the weirdo who loves to condense and combine scans. I have about a dozen scans that I like to use and some of them are condensed and are still very long. My favorite scan is as condensed as I can get it, thanks to what you showed me a few months ago. That scan has only a few available characters left so it's essentially full and I don't think that I can change 1 Day ago to Yesterday's without running out of room.
  • Well, to each his own. I think condensing makes things too complicated, and gets more time consuming than it's worth when you want to change something or fix something - but that's my preference. I understand it works for you.
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