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Weekly and Daily TF

I'm working on yet another scan. This one is very short and very simple. I am asking it to tell me when the close is below the weekly lower BB(20,2) and when the weekly RSI(14) is below 30. Now, I would like the scan to tell me the day that they do not meet those two weekly criteria?


  • I think you want to use the cross above operator -"x". If you want both to cross on the same day, it's simple: close x lower BB and RSI x 30. If you also want to capture when they move from one or the other above to both above, then you have to specify the possible combinations of events: close > BB, RSI x 30, or RSI > 30, close x BB, or close x BB, RSI x 30.
  • Good idea. I don't think that > or < will work very well because it selects all of them and not just the ones that just today moved above the oversold weekly lower BB or the weekly over sold RSI. I'll try cross from below to above and see what that does for me. Thanks again Mark. In the mean time, I am running the scan one day ago to get a list. Then I run the scan today and see which stocks dropped off the list.
  • Well, that isn't working very well.
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