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Can the scanners be set to just scan the forex market ??

Hi I trade the forex and stocks and want to know whether I would have to make a watchlist first or is there another way to scan just the forex.

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    I don't do forex, so maybe someone else knows more.

    For currency ETFs or indexes you would probably have to do a list.

    For futures, a list is a problem, since the contract names change. But in a scan you could try "symbol contains", since the first two letters of the contract stay the same - e.g.

    [exchange is ICE]
    and [symbol contains "DX"]

    should get the US dollar contracts. The canadian dollar would be "CD" on the CME.

    I don't think other pairs are available on Stockcharts, but I seem to remember Chip saying something was coming.


  • Hi Mark, thank you for your help. So for the forex I would use $ before the currency pair ?
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2019
    To find symbols, enter some part of the name of the pair into the symbol search at the top of most pages. For instance, to get yen pairs, enter yen. But, as far as I know, these are all or mostly EOD - end of day - charts.
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