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How would l find stocks stocks that make 8% moves and or 5 dollar plus moves in 5 days

edited August 2014 in Scanning
Stocks that make either 8% moves and or go up 5 dollar plus moves in 5 days. I have tried this scan below, but it returns 900 stocks. How can I narrow down the amount of stock to look at? When I scan in Finviz today for stocks that have gone up 10% in a week, I get 7 stocks.

What am I missing?

[type is stock]
and [country is US]and [group is not ETF]
and [Close > 5.0]
and [Close < 80.0]
and [Daily SMA(50,Daily Volume) > 100,000]
and [PctChange(5,close) > 0 ]
rank by [PctChange(5,close) ]

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    gordgord admin
    Answer ✓
    Apples to Oranges.

    You need to change the one week percent change to > 10 rather than > 0.

    and [PctChange(5,close) > 10 ]

    Now StockCharts finds 69 as of the close today, I guess Finviz missed a few.


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