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Targeting Indexes in a scan

Will putting "and [country is US]" in my scan
give scan results for all the major US indexes?

Or do the indexes, $SPX, $COMPQ, $SML,
etc., have to be added to the scan individually?

Thanks in advance,

Best Answers

  • markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓
    If you want only indexes

    [type is index]
  • markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓

    Keep in mind when you ask for a lot of conditions using "and", ALL the "and" conditions must be true for a symbol to get returned as a hit. For instance, some symbols will not have a SCTR, some may not meet your volume condition (some indexes have no volume).

    Also, you have to watch out for combinations of conditions that cannot both (all) be true. For instance, in your scan, you have type = stock and type = index. No symbol can be both, so you would get no hits.

    On the other hand, getting no hits does not necessarily mean the scan is wrong. Some combinations of conditions may not happen everyday. Scan several dates before you decide there must be something wrong with the scan.


  • So I need both

    [country is US]


    [type is index]

    in the scan?

    Which indexes are include? All of them?

  • Don't know. Try it.
  • When I include it my scans now get zero results.

    I tried it in this one and the other one you helped me.

    and [Volume > 200,000]
    and [country is US]
    and [type is index]
    and [today's sma(5,close) > today's ema(13,close)]
    and [yesterday's sma(5,close) <= yesterday's ema(13,close)]
    and [SCTR >75]
    and [Low > 25.00]
    and [MACD Line(1,65,1) > 0.0]
  • What I found out is that if you want the major Indexes (NYSE, NASD, AMEX & OTCMKT) included all you have to do is include...

    and [country is US]

    I just ran a broad scan to get a lot of stocks listed and I could see that all the major indexes were included.
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