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Relative Stock Scans

I am trying to develop two similar scans and can't seem to do it:

1) Trying to scan for all stocks that their EMA(5) of relative price compared to SPY is rising over the past 10 days.
Ex: EMA(5) of STOCK1:SPY is rising.
EMA(5) of STOCK2:SPY is rising

2) Scan for all stocks that have their EMA(5) relative price compared to their sector are rising for past 10 days.
Ex: EMA(5) of WMT:XLP is rising
EMA(5) of APPL:XLK is rising



  • As far as I know, so far at least, you can't scan for relative price, e.g. IBM:$SPX, so you can't scan for any function that includes relative price as a parameter, either

    If you could, it might look like this

    and [ema(5, IBM:$SPX) > 5 days ago ema(5,IBM:$SPX)

    There is a PctRelative function which finds "the difference between the security's Percent Change (PctChange) value and the PctChange value of the specified symbol". It doesn't seem to be the same thing, but it might be useful to you. I haven't tried it inside and EMA function, but maybe it's worth a try. It's explained here about 3/4 down the page:
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