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MACD Histogram of a specific date or price

I was wondering if there is a way to find a technical indicator, specifically MACD histogram of a certain date or price, for example:

In my scan, I find the maximum close of the past 90 days: daily max(90,close)
Then I need to know indicators of the date of that maximum price, for example, it that maximum price happened 27 days ago, I like to know the MACD histogram of that date.
Thank you in advance to anyone who replies!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2019
    The scan engine is designed to return only symbols that meet the conditions specified in the scan. The results page will show some data associated with that symbol, like sector, industry, closing price, etc. It will also return the value of an indicator if used with a "rank by" statement, but that value will be as of the date you run the scan (NOT as of an offset date selected with the calendar tool, i.e. as of 10 days ago). But with those exceptions, a scan will not return data, just symbols.

    So, in your existing scan, you may not be finding the actual max close of the past 90 days - I'm guessing you are getting symbols that match a condition - e.g. daily max(90, close) > 50. I suppose you could get the actual price if you specify a particular price instead of a range, e.g. daily max(90, close) = 50.05.

    So, you could get the date of the high price from the chart (with the inspect tool), or, if you have Excel skills, down load the .csv file from the "Past Data" link below the chart.

    As for the MACD Histogram, you would probably have to use the Select Start/End date option in the Range window in the Chart Attributes section under the chart in Workbench view and set the End date to the bar where the max price occurred.

    All of which is pretty roundabout, but the site is really maximized for finding trades more than doing research - but you can still do an awful lot with what's available.

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