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Alert Trigger

I am trying to figure out why this alert would trigger right at the open this morning? The alert code is as follows:

[[symbol = '$XLKADP']

AND [EMA(10) > 30]

OR [EMA(10) < -30]]

This specific symbol is an EOD update, so as of yesterday's close, according to what I am looking at it should have not registered because the 10 day EMA is at 1.16 ... I am running this continuously all day, any occurrences above '0', and continuous.


  • You need brackets around your "or" conditions. As written, only one condition in your scan needs to be true to return a result. Symbol = $XLKADP is true if that symbol exists, so it would trigger the alert.

    What you want is:

    [symbol = '$XLKADP']

    [EMA(10) > 30]


    [EMA(10) < -30]

    Now, two of the three conditions have to be true to get a result - the symbol exists, and its ema is one or the other.

    You don't have to use that format (separate lines for the "or" brackets), but it does clarify things.
  • Awesome, thank you very much. I understand now!
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