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parameter field

where on a chart is the price indicator to show the sector and industry? h


  • On the SharpCharts workbench, scroll down to the "indicators" section below the "overlays" section. On an empty dropdown, click the down arrow, and scroll down to the Price indicator. It is simply labeled "Price". Once you have price set in a new indicator, then in the parameter field, type in $SECTOR or $INDUSTRY. Hope this helps.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2014
    Also, if you check off "Full Quote" in the "Chart Attributes" section of the chart workbench, it will show the sector and industry. The full quote section takes up alot of real estate, though. OK if you want to see the other info in the full quote box.
    I actually use a variation of Kevo's idea - $INDUSTRY:$SECTOR with the Price - Performance indicator. That tells you whether the stock's industry is leading or lagging its sector.
  • You can also use it to chart relative strength. If the stock is for example AAPL, in the parameter field you can enter (next to "Price") AAPL:$INDUSTRY or AAPL:$SECTOR .
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