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What is the difference between "!" and "$" indexes?

Will someone please provide a definition and elaborate on the difference between "!" and "$" indexes? Thanks.

Here is my guess:
My hunch is that "$" indexes are SCC indexes that are calculated internally. "!" indexes maybe externally available indexes that SCC gets the data for the index from their data provider.

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    Thanks gord. Ahh, DecisionPoint acquired symbols. I did not completely forget. It just seems to me that !UVOLSPX would not be DP proprietary since it is similar to other standard breadth indexes. I did not associate this with DP. I guess that it is simply another DP symbol that was imported after the merger since SCC did not already have it in the catalog. Thus, it starts with a "!".

    It looks like there is no way to tell what EOD Breadth indexes are calculated at SCC versus which ones are updated by the data provider. This is just an observation, not that it matters. :smiley:
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