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Creating, maintaining and ranking industry lists

markdmarkd mod
edited May 2020 in Scanning
If part of your market method involves keeping track of stocks by industry, here is a scan that might help you do that more efficiently. If you have a long list of scans, including several that do the same thing but for different lists, it might make sense to combine them, as this one does. Fewer scans makes it easier to find the ones you need, so you don't waste time in your daily routine finding scans in your long list.

At the top are properties you can use to limit your results to the types of stocks you are interested in, for instance, by exchange, by market cap, by SCTR classification (but not all stocks have a SCTR), etc.

Then it lists all the 104 industries Stockcharts uses to classify stocks on US markets, grouped by sector (note: names and sectors may change over time - as far as I know this is current as of January 2020). The two letters after each industry come from the $DJUS index for that industry. For instance, $DJUSOL is the index for Integrated Oil & Gas.

Finally, below the sector industry lists are several "rank by" statements. You can choose any one at a time or none. You will probably want to add your own rank by indicators. (note: if want to make permanent changes to the scan, remember to hit "save" after you make the change - note: the scan engine will only save scans with totally correct syntax.)

To select the combination of properties, the industry (or whole sector) and the rank by statement you want, "uncomment" or "switch on" the lines you want by removing the double slashes in front of each line.

A couple of things to keep in mind. Some sectors and industries have more symbols than the 500 symbol limit for a Stockcharts list. So, if you want to keep everything, you can first download the list in .csv, open the downloaded list (in a spreadsheet like excel) and re-upload the symbols to separate lists using the "many" option in list edit view. Unfortunately, uploads add symbols only in alpha order, not in the order you scanned them, so you have to re-scan the uploaded lists for rank by. You could add those list names to this scan.

OK, here it is:

// 00 00 00 00 # 04 refresh industry membership lists

[[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASDAQ]]

and [market cap > 100]
// and [sma(21, volume) > 50000]
// and [symbol not contains '/']
// and [SCTR.large >=0]
// and [SCTR.mid >= 0]
// and [SCTR.small >= 0]


// and [ group is EnergySector ]
// and [group is IntegratedOilGas] // OL
// and [group is ExplorationProduction] // OS
// and [group is OilEquipmentServices] // OI
// and [group is Pipelines] // PL
// and [group is Coal] // CL
// and [group is RenewableEnergyEquipment] // DWCREE


// and [ group is MaterialsSector ]
// and [group is Steel] // ST
// and [group is Aluminum] // AL
// and [group is GeneralMining] // MG
// and [group is NonferrousMetals] // NF
// and [group is PlatinumPreciousMetals]
// and [group is GoldMining] // PM
// and [group is CommodityChemicals] // CC
// and [group is SpecialtyChemicals] // CX
// and [group is ContainersPackaging] // CP
// and [group is Paper] // PP


// and [ group is IndustrialSector ]
// and [group is DiversifiedIndustrials] // ID
// and [group is IndustrialMachinery] // FE
// and [group is CommercialVehiclesTrucks] // HR
// and [group is BuildingMaterialsFixtures] // BD
// and [group is IndustrialSuppliers] // DS
// and [group is HeavyConstruction] // HV
// and [group is Aerospace] // AS
// and [group is Defense] // DN
// and [group is Airlines] // AR
// and [group is DeliveryServices] // AF
// and [group is TransportationServices] // TS
// and [group is MarineTransportation] // MT
// and [group is Railroad] // RR
// and [group is Trucking] // TK
// and [group is BusinessSupportServices] // IV
// and [group is WasteDisposalServices] // PC


// and [ group is CyclicalsSector ]
// and [group is HomeConstruction] // HB
// and [group is HomeImprovementRetailers] // HI
// and [group is Furnishings] // FH
// and [group is DurableHouseholdProducts] // HD
// and [group is Automobiles] // AU
// and [group is AutoParts] // AT
// and [group is ClothingAccessories] // CF
// and [group is Footwear] // FT
// and [group is ApparelRetailers] // RA
// and [group is BroadlineRetailers] // RB
// and [group is SpecialtyRetailers] // RS
// and [group is Toys] // TY
// and [group is TravelTourism] // TT
// and [group is Hotels] // LG
// and [group is Gambling] // CA
// and [group is RestaurantsBars] // RU
// and [group is RecreationalProducts] // RP
// and [group is RecreationalServices] // RQ
// and [group is BusinessTrainingEmploymentAgencies] // BE
// and [group is SpecializedConsumerServices] // CS


// and [ group is ConsumerStaplesSector ]
// and [group is FoodProducts] // FP
// and [group is FoodRetailersWholesalers] // FD
// and [group is SoftDrinks] // SD
// and [group is Brewers] // DB
// and [group is DistillersVintners] // VN
// and [group is Tobacco] // TB
// and [group is DrugRetailers] // RD
// and [group is PersonalProducts] // CM
// and [group is NondurableHouseholdProducts] // HN
// and [group is Tires] // TR


//and [group is HealthCareSector]
// and [group is Pharmaceuticals] // PR
// and [group is Biotechnology] // BT
// and [group is MedicalEquipment] // AM
// and [group is MedicalSupplies] // MS
// and [group is HealthCareProviders] // HP


// and [ group is FinancialSector ]
// and [market cap > 1000] // for XLF industries, esp Banks
// and [group is Banks] // BK
// and [group is AssetManagers] // AG
// and [group is InvestmentServices] // SB
// and [group is FullLineInsurance] // IF
// and [group is PropertyCasualtyInsurance] // IP
// and [group is Reinsurance] // IU
// and [group is LifeInsurance] // IL
// and [group is InsuranceBrokers] // IB
// and [group is MortgageFinance] // MF
// and [group is ConsumerFinance] // SF
// and [group is SpecialtyFinance] // SP
// and [group is IndustrialOfficeREITs] // IO
// and [group is RetailREITs] // RL
// and [group is HotelLodgingREITs] // HL
// and [group is ResidentialREITs] // RN
// and [group is MortgageREITs] // MR
// and [group is SpecialtyREITs] // SR
// and [group is DiversifiedREITs] // DT
// and [group is RealEstateHoldingDevelopment] // EH
// and [group is RealEstateServices] // ES
// and [group is FinancialAdministration] // FA


//and [ group is TechnologySector ]
// and [group is Semiconductors] // SC
// and [group is ComputerHardware] // CR
// and [group is Software] // SW
// and [group is ComputerServices] // DV
// and [group is ElectronicEquipment] // AI
// and [group is ElectricalComponentsEquipment] // EC
// and [group is TelecommunicationsEquipment] // CT


//and [ group is CommunicationServicesSector ]
//and [group is Internet] //NS
//and [group is BroadcastingEntertainment] // BC
//and [group is Publishing] // PB
//and [group is MediaAgencies] // AV
//and [group is FixedLineTelecommunications] // FC
//and [group is MobileTelecommunications] // WC


// and [ group is UtilitiesSector ]
// and [group is ConventionalElectricity] // VE
// and [group is GasDistribution] // GU
// and [group is Multiutilities] // MU
// and [group is Water] // WU


//and [ group is RealEstateSector ]
// and [group is IndustrialOfficeREITs] // IO
// and [group is RetailREITs] // RL
// and [group is HotelLodgingREITs] // HL
// and [group is ResidentialREITs] // RN
// and [group is MortgageREITs] // MR
// and [group is SpecialtyREITs] // SR
// and [group is DiversifiedREITs] // DT
// and [group is RealEstateHoldingDevelopment] // EH
// and [group is RealEstateServices] // ES

rank by market cap

// rank by sctr
// rank by [PctDiff(volume, 1 day ago sma(21,volume))]
// rank by [PctChange(1,close)]
// rank by ROC(63)
// rank by ROC(21)
// rank by ROC(10)


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    Great job Mark!

    "When you go home tonight, there's going to be another story on your house."
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    Tx, chipa B)
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    Hi Mark,
    I appreciate your work and your work ethic. You seem to have a lot of energy.
    I want to share a quandry I have had with stockcharts scanning over the years..from the very beginning.
    While I love the charting flexiblity for swing trading, I find the scan engine has not served me well at all due to having only day time and intraday capacity for signals...

    )Bar charts has some interesting alternatives as to certain sites like Tradestation. and they emphasize future trading and fast moving markets)...
    Mostly Why questions are useless for the most part, but it is a shame given the expertise that stockcharts has not developed an answer to the hyper frequency day trading )sometimes creating chaos with up to 30% of volume in the more heavily traded stocks for buy sell programs, arbitrage, and just hyper trading.)
    I always want signal over noise even at the cost of losing some signals.
    But the Scanner is just too slow! ... I watch price functionally with very few really useful indicators which are derived by price. (no one ever made money trading an indicator and I think we all get seduced into loving indicators- like I did with Wilder's Directional signals- never made any money and lost plenty using it!
    I presently use rapidly developing MA xover signals as well as certain multiple combination sof Relative strength as well as Keltner short term signals on my chats that I watch. But the scanner just does not help me locate them regularly.
    sometimes they do, but not really with any reliability..

    Trying to develop scans for isolation of EFTs ( favored over individual stocks where frequent blindsiding occurs of insider news, earnings announcements ect)

    This is a long winded comment with a head scratching plea as to what general suggestions you might have for the real 3 to 4 day (I close out all positions every Friday) swing trader to create useful daily scans even though the setups I trade are basically intraday in entering and exiting.

    I only use stockcharts to moniter EFT indexes I like. and rank them by sector.
    then I watch. But all the CMF's, oscillators, relative strengths, volumes, blah blah blah are just churning out noise.. not signals..
    When you see it you know it's $, and every profitable trade you know it if you seen infinite number of patterns.

    Be well and continued success with your work,
    Any replies are welcome.
    Again I really appreciate your devotion to your craft.

    May 20, 2020
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2020
    Well, I think it's a mistake to criticize the scan engine for something it was not designed to do - namely identify intraday opportunities. I've found it is an outstanding (and economical! ) research tool with amazing flexibility within the time frames it was designed for. For daily or weekly traders, scanning for setups is timely and accurate. Understandably, since it treats intraday data as end-of-day data, it's not suited for finding setups while the markets are open. Not saying that people don't do it, or can't do it, it's just not the ideal tool and it wasn't intended to be that. My guess is, though, as Stockcharts continues to grow, intraday scanning will be available eventually (I have no connection to Stockcharts - just guessing its a logical direction for them to grow into).

    For intraday scanning, I think you either have to pay up for more expensive software, or use a broker's platform. ThinkorSwim comes to mind for intraday scanning. But there is a considerable learning curve for writing the scans (and the whole interface) and maybe not possible for non-programmers without some help.

    For short term trading, fewer indicators are probably better. There are really only three elements to price movement, support, resistance and time. Price channels (or Fast Stochastics) capture support and resistance pretty well. MAs help judge momentum, as do trend lines, although those are more arbitrary than MAs. Fibs also help establish potential price targets for retracements (and sometimes projections).

    As for finding opportunities for short term trading, it's probably easiest and more profitable in the long run to stick to a few very liquid stocks and get to know them, rather than scanning for the stock of the day. Often the most liquid stocks are very high priced, but you could scan for high average daily volume and low price. GE comes to mind. But these are individual choices. The main thing is to use right the tools for the job.

    On the other hand, you might just use the scan engine to establish your bias, bullish or bearish. So if you have a bullish scan, you would review the results for those with the most regular intraday patterns and wait for intraday set ups in the bullish direction. Likewise for a bearish scan. Just an idea.
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    Markd, did you forget the Healthcare Sector,and its industry groups? Your work has been very helpful to me Thanks,trader11
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    I did. Good catch. Glad to hear its been helpful.
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