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Retired- senior, needs help with a scan

Can anyone help me, please ? My brain can’t process all the information necessary 😊. I want a scan that will give me the stock/stocks of only large cap and /or ETF’s that hit a 52 week low starting at the open. I don’t want previous day/s results, just current results ( to be run each day). I then want to be alerted ( This part I can do). Appreciate if someone would be kind enough to help me 😊


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2020
    This should do it, but a few notes.

    As it stands, the scan does what you want it to. But, for reasons I'll explain, I've included some options. You can "activate" an option by deleting the "//" at the start of the line. Then "de-activate" the alternative option by typing in "//" at the start of the line.

    If you run the scan as it is, you will get results, but almost all of them will be inverse leveraged funds (2x, 3x). That's because we are in a big up leg right now and few things are hitting new lows.

    If you don't want leveraged funds in your results, put a pair of forward slashes // in front of [group is ETF] and delete // from in front of [group is ETFNOUI].

    If you want to see if there are results in small or mid caps, put // in front of [SCTR.large] and delete them from in front of mid or small.

    I'm assuming you want only US stocks/etfs, so I've limited exchanges to NYSE and NASD. You could comment that out and put in [country is US]. Otherwise, you get stuff from London, India, etc. which I assume you don't want.

    Finally, many of the hits will be opens below consecutive new 251 lows (i.e., price has broken an old 52 week low and continues down for several bars - the scan may pick up the same stock/etf several days in a row). To avoid that, I've added a line (the last one) to pick up only the first time it hits a new low after so many days (in this case, 10; you can change the 10 days ago to 20, 30, etc, whatever you are looking for).

    So, here it is:

    [[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]


    [group is ETF]

    // [group is ETFNOUI]


    [ SCTR.large >=0]
    // [ SCTR.mid >= 0]
    // [ SCTR.small >= 0]


    and [open < 1 day ago min(251, low)]

    // and [1 day ago min(251, low) = 10 days ago min(251,low)]

    // end scan
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