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Mini Chart Screen Layout

Hi All,

On my second monitor, I've set up some small charts but would like to fit more. The challenge is that the toolbar takes up too much space. Does anyone have a layout that they recommend? I'm using Windows 10 and Google Chrome for my browser. Thanks!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2020
    I don't use Chrome, but on most browsers there is an option to hide the toolbar(s). It would be under some kind of settings icon, or a menu option like "options" or "view", probably to the far right or far left.

    Or, you could google "chrome hide toolbar" or something similar.
  • All good points - my issue is hiding some of them but not all of them if that makes sense. I may not be able to do that.
  • If you open separate instances of Chrome, you may be able to control each instance separately. Or, if it allows 'new window', just open Chrome once and add new windows and change settings separately.
  • Also, you may be able to just right or left click on the bar(s) you do(n't) want and (un)check to make it (dis)appear.
  • That works and then I can just turn them back on! Unfortunately it's a global change for the browser but it will do the trick.
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