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Discrepancy in one of my regular scans

Hello. I have a Scan that I have been running regularly that is producing some unexpected result.
I like to scan for RSI(10) between the ranges of 35 to 55. (RSI(10) is just a preference for me.)
When I added one more filter: AND [Sctr > 50], the scan seems to ignore that no matter where I place it.
Can someone assist ? Thanks. Ivan

[type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 100000]
and [close > 10]
//and[exchange is tse]
and [[group is sp500] or [group is sp600] or [group is sp400]]
and [group is not etf]
//and [favorites list is 35] // * US watch
//and [favorites list is 13] // * TSX watch
and [rsi(10) <=55]
and [rsi(10) > 35]
and [daily RSI(10, daily close) > yesterday's daily RSI(10, daily close)]
and [yesterday's RSI(10,daily close) > 2 days ago RSI(10,daily close)]
and [sctr > 50]


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    seems to work:

    All values in the SCTR column are greater than 50.
  • Thanks markd. I just re-ran using " o days since last market close" and I got the same results. Must have been something in the date offsets that I missed.
  • Maybe, but the more conditions a scan has, the more likely there will be no results on some dates as the markets change.
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