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Is there or how do I write a scan that is in hours? say I want to see stocks that have crossed the 50/200 day sma in the last 60 minutes, is there away to write a scan for that?


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    If you run your daily time frame scan during market hours, the scan engine uses the latest intraday update as closing (final) data. So, if you run your scans every hour, and the stock has crossed the MA since YESTERDAY's FINAL close, AND the "close" as of the the latest update crossed, then it will show up in your scan.

    Of course it could happen that it crossed sometime during the hour and then went back. In that case, if you are scanning for the close (most recent price) it won't show up in your scan. You could get around that by scanning for the high (cross above) or low (cross below) instead of the close.
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    thank you Markd
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