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Mace scan basket of securities vs another security

Is it possible to scan for macd cross up of aapl vs spy

and if that can be done can we scan for a list against spy?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    Can you give a detailed example of what you mean by "macd cross up of aapl vs spy" ?

    By detailed example, I mean how would you know this had happened if you were looking at charts?
  • In stock charts I'd type aapl:spy

    I'd then look at the macd and see where it crossed up and down.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    Now I get it. Unfortunately, the scan engine does not support Price Relative (aapl:spy), so you wouldn't be able to get the MACD of it, either. Very frustrating that Price Relative is not available in the scan engine.

    See the bottom of the page here:
  • thanks Mark. Frustrating indeed!
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