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a problem with horizontal lines

horizontal lines are not showing up on the chart in the indicator scetion as a saved sharpchart. They work fine in my other saved timeframes. the h. lines also show when i changed timeframes. but my monthly saved timeframe does not show horizontal lines on the chart in the indicator section.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2020
    I tried adding a horizontal line to Fast Stochastic at 50 on my monthly chart and then replaced my monthly chart style. Then I applied my weekly style, then re-applied my monthly style, and the horizontal line at 50 was still there. So it seems to be working OK.

    If you are creating a new style (that's a ChartStyle, NOT just a chart - see the ChartStyles drop down on the second line under the chart on the Chart Workbench), you have to use "Add New", then give it a new name, or, if you are modifying an existing style you need to use "Replace" and keep the same name. Since it seems to work OK on my machine, it's possible you lost track and somehow did not save your changes to a new style.

    Or, if you are not using ChartStyles, consider it. ChartStyles are much more convenient than attempting to use saved charts - if that's what you are doing. With saved charts, at some point you are likely to forget to save a change, or save a change that overwrites something you wanted to keep.
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