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Scan produces more than 500 stocks

A few scans results produce more than 500 positions, is there a way to move those above 500 to another portfolio ? I guess I want to copy some to a nw portfolio.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2020
    Two ways I can think of to get the results into separate lists:

    Have your lists ready and empty

    Download the scan results as a CSV file (you may need excel or another spreadsheet program to open it - not sure; excel opens it automatically).

    Copy the first 500 or fewer symbols (symbols only)

    Open the first empty list, click add many, paste the copied symbols, click add

    Copy the remaining symbols

    Open the second empty list, add many, paste, add.

    If you can't work with a CSV file, you can modify the "universe" portion of the scan (the top lines).

    Limit the scan to some characteristic - for instance

    //and [sctr.small >=0]
    //and [sctr.mid >= 0]
    //and [sctr.large >=0]

    remove the switches // one by one until the list fills up, then go to the next list.

    note: not every stock has a sctr ranking, so some may not appear; you could use market cap instead, maybe adjust the numbers depending on results:

    //and [market cap < 100]
    //and [market cap > 100] and [market cap < 1000]
    //and [market cap > 1000]

    Or, finally, you could go sector by sector

    //and [group is EnergySector]
    //and [group is MaterialsSector]

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