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P&F Scanning using 60 minute Periods?

I'm looking for a way to create a P&F Triple Top or Quadruple Top breakout using 60-minute periods instead of Daily. Is it possible to do so either with a keyword I haven't found or through some creative coding in the scan engine?

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    Hello, the scan engine does not support intraday periods, only Daily and Weekly. There is no creative work around.

    There is a P&F Triple Top breakout pre-defined scan and a P&F Quadruple Top breakout pre-defined scan available. So, it it easy to use these for Daily and Weekly periods. I am sure you knew this. This is just for others.

    This question has been answered a few times on this forum, and the FAQ on the Chart School scan engine first page answers this too. It should not be hard to find this answer.
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