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Help. I am a new.

I am somewhat new to stock trading.
This all looks very technical.
Is there an easy way to use S.C.A.N. ?


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    S.C.A.N. is a user forum for help with using the Stockcharts site, or discussion about any other of the topic headings.

    For help with the Stockcharts site on S.C.A.N., you can just ask your question, or you can use the "search" window with likely terms, e.g. "MACD" or another topic.

    There is also A LOT of instructional material on the Stockcharts site itself. Look in the Chart School tab (you don't have to be a subscriber) for extensive article on technical analysis and instructional videos on how to use the site.

    If you are not familiar with technical analysis, definitely start with the Chart School "Overview" article to get a feel for what's involved. Then decide how to branch out from there.
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