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README: A Newcomers Guide to s.c.a.n.

Welcome to the StockCharts Answer Network (s.c.a.n.)!

This is a site that anyone can use to ask questions about using and/or Technical Analysis. This forum is maintained by experienced members just like yourself. If they know the answer to your question, they will probably respond to it within a day or two.

While s.c.a.n. is sponsored by, it is maintained by its members. Support Staff members do not actively monitor these forums. If you have a question about your account you'll need to use the "Support" area on the website to send that question to the StockCharts Support team.

It is also important to understand that anyone can create an account on s.c.a.n., not just members. For that reason, s.c.a.n. accounts are independent from accounts. In order to participate in this forum, you will first need to create an account here. s.c.a.n. accounts are free.

Please note that professionalism is encouraged and expected on this website. Comments are actively monitored for non-professional behavior. The Terms of Service also apply to this website.

We hope you enjoy this educational resource and use it to increase your knowledge and improve your investing results.

Chip Anderson
President, Inc

P.S. To spammers and other that want to post junk here -
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