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scanning for relative strength

I am not very good at this scan writing business and I have been searching for a scan, on, that will give me a , kinda, read on finding best performing issues based on some type of relative strength..this is what I have
[ market close(27jun)]
and [group is SP500]
and [CCI buy signal]
and [Volume 20 day>100000 ]
and [ROC(5) > 0.0]
and [ROC(10) > 1.28]
and [ROC(20) > 1.94]

and this is what I based that on….can't get it to work…

anybody here that can help me???


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2014
    Try this:

    [group is SP500]

    and [sma(20,Volume)>100000 ]

    and [CCI(20) > 100.0]

    and [ROC(5) > 0.0]

    and [ROC(10) > 1.28]

    and [ROC(20) > 1.94]

    You can set the date in the window just above the advanced scan window - click on the "0" where it says, Starting 0 trading days before...

    A good way to learn the scan thing is to build your scan (as best you can) on the Standard Scan workbench, the hit "Update Criteria" then hit "Advanced Scan Workbench". The code for things like CCI buy signal will be there. I didn't actually do that here, so my code and the autocode might be a little different.
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