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Looking for a scan that will give me a flat PMO signal after being negative, would like to look for signals above and below the signal line, Thanks in advance for any help.


  • I don't use PMO, but the tests would be the same as for say, MACD.

    Not sure what you mean by a flat PMO signal. But if Line or Signal is moving sideways, then the max and min over some period of time you specify are within some small distance you specify, so maybe something line

    and [max(10, Line) - min(10, Line) < 2] // you fill in correct syntax and parameters

    For Line crossing above Signal, you would use the x operator. The term on the left "crosses above" the term on the right (regardless of which term is faster moving and so appears to be doing the crossing).

    and [ Line x Signal] // you fill in the parameters, etc.

    For Line crossing below, you actually write Signal crossing above Line, even though Line moves faster:

    and [Signal x Line ]

    If you want this to be happening above zero, specify Signal is above 0:

    and [Signal > 0]

    and the reverse for below zero.
  • Thank you markd !
  • markd, After some thought, what I really want to do is remove any stock from my scan with a PMO that is dropping in value. Not sure how to exclude them from my search. I have a scan that I think will find them, but want to exclude ? Thanks for your help

    AND [today's PMO Line(35,20,10) < yesterday's PMO Line(35,20,10)]
    AND [yesterday's PMO Line(35,20,10) < 2 days ago PMO Line(35,20,10)]
    AND [2 days ago PMO Line(35,20,10) < 3 days ago PMO Line(35,20,10)]
  • You could do that, but it would probably be more efficient to ask for today's PMO is the max PMO over some number of bars. If it's the max, it's not falling.

    For instance,

    and [ Line = max(10, Line) ] // you add the proper syntax and parameters you want

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