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Stocks Below 8 Simple Moving Average

How do I scan for stocks for 90 days where the 8 SMA is also below the 20 SMA and the stock price is below the 8 continuously for say 90 days and vice versa.

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2014 Answer ✓
    Hi Daniel

    for 8 below 20:

    and [max(90, MACD Line(8,20,0)) < 0.0]

    You could also use MACD Hist with the same parameters.

    For close below the 8, it would be

    and [max(90, MACD Line(1,8,0)) < 0.0]

    You can use 1 period moving average as a substitute for the close.

    However, I get no hits the 1,8 combination. I think it is probably very rare that the close would stay under such a short MA for such a long time.

    This method was pointed out by either Gord or ekwong on the old scan. You may find more under s.c.a.n. archives.


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