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Having trouble recreating some graphs.

edited June 2020 in SharpCharts

Hi, I'm trying to recreate this:

But when I try, it looks like this:

Why are these different? These are both showing the same year range.

Next, I'm trying to recreate this:

But when I try, it looks like this:

Again, both are showing the same year range, but the result is very different. The oscillator on the bottom graph doesn't resemble the one in the first graph.

Can someone help me understand this? thanks.


  • Do you have the source of the original charts? Is it a blog?

    I notice your charts have a different style (Murphy) and you don't have extra bars at the end. But that shouldn't make a difference in the plotted values.

    It may have to do with the order in which one is placed behind the other - it might affect the scaling. But just guessing on that.
  • The charts came from a video I watched. Especially with the top 2 charts, I'm surprised that they don't seem to resemble each other at all. But both are plotting NYHL with the same years, and I believe the same stochastic. ??
  • the top two charts don't show a time frame - one might be weekly, the other monthly?

    On the top chart, it looks like the $NYHL is set to "invisible".

    If you can get it back, can you paste the whole chart from the video?
  • Thanks Mark for your helpful replies. I decided I don't need this chart after all so it's not worth the time to dig up the video I found it in and investigate it further.
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