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I am having problem highliting an RRG "snake" on the daily chart.

I don't have this problem on the weekly chart, only on the daily chart. Here is an example:,79&cmd=show&disp=u

Also notice that on the right side under tail length it says 10 weeks instead of 10 days. I only have this problem if I use RRG Chart for my own chart list. I sent an email to customer support and I got this answer:

I am just wondering if you had the same problem using RRG Charts with one of your chart lists. It would really help since having about 30 stocks in my list is a little hard to read if I can't highlight individual stocks.
Thanks, dreamtalk


  • Very good observation dreamtalk. Thanks for pointing this out.

    The first thing I noticed is that the RRG implementation appears to be different than the RRG implementation under Free Charts. You can see this right away by looking at the top bar in the section. So, there may be 2 implementations in the system. This is just an assumption.

    Under the members page, when you go to RRG under the view column or the "list in" drop down: If you change to daily and click update, I get the same behavior as you describe where clicking on one item does not highlight it. If you click update a second time, then you get the correct behavior which is the ability to highlight individual items. This I consider to be a BUG because it is not consistent with the behavior of the RRG implementation available under the Free Charts page.

    Also, like you point out, updating to daily does not update the tail length option to trading days. This is another inconsistency with the members section RRG as compared with the RRG implementation under Free Charts. This is another bug, a more serious bug since it appears to be confusing daily and weekly periods.

    I thought SCC would have a more robust Quality Control and Assurance mechanism in place to prevent this sort of roll out.

    Maybe we should hold off on using the members section Daily RRG until the bugs are worked out?

    Gord, Julius, Chip: Please see two bugs above.
  • Hi Dreamtalk / Kevo.

    I have tried to replicate your findings and came halfway I guess. Essentially the two implementations of RRG when called from the RRG charts link and when called from a chartlist are the same, the only thing that differs is that the most left box holding the ticker symbols is gone when called from the chart list page as this function (which tickers are we going to throw at RRG) is now handled by the chartlist.

    The same goes for the implementation of RRG under free charts and members section. They are esentially the same but the free version does not allow entering other symbols, benchmark, periodicity etc. etc.

    Now for the highlighting of individual ticker symbols (and their tails) I have not been able to replicate that. No matter what combination I use, from chart list or from RRG charts link, default list, own list, daily, weekly. When I hit a line in the table that ticker gets highlighted and I can browse the table while the tails get properly highlighted.

    I have been able to replicate the daily/weekly notification which I shall also communicate to the developers at SCC

    btw I have been doing this on a laptop running windows 8. I will try on another windows system later and see if I can replicate the highlighting issue.

  • I have further investigated this issue with RRG charts when they are called from the chartlist page. As far as I can see it is only a 'cosmetic' issue with the periodicity weekly/daily not being updated in the caption of the table and next to the tail length setting. Other than that the periodicity does change. The RRG is rendered based on daily data and also the chart of the benchmark will switch from daily to weekly and back. This will be fixed!
    If any issues like this come up please report them in to [email protected] for the team there to properly assign the issues to developers. It will really be picked up and fixed faster that way as s.c.a.n. is not meant to be for (technical) site support :)
    Any other questions ... bring m on :wink:
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