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Simple scan for all stocks in the past 4 years where they went below 1$ at some time in history

Simple scan for all stocks in the past 4 years that went below 1$ at some point in history,
there is a quote "Our adjusted historical price data cannot be used to determine the actual buy or sell price for a stock at some point in the past." because of reverse splits and similar adjustments

What scan can I use to scan through non adjusted historical price data?


  • The chart engine database and the scan engine database are separate. The quote above refers to the chart database. You can get unadjusted CHART data by putting an underscore in front the symbol, e.g. _IBM.

    However, as far as I know, the scan engine does not accommodate unadjusted data. You could verify that with Support.

    Your scan would use the min( ) function. You would need to determine the number of trading days in four years, which would be roughly 251 x 4, or 1004, or the number of trading weeks or months. Then you need to decide whether you want a close below 1 or a low below 1. Assuming a close and daily trading, it would be

    and [min(1004, close) <1]

    weekly would be

    and [weekly min(208, weekly close) < 1]


    Adjusted data lowers past prices (usually), so some results might not actually have traded below a dollar at the time. You should be able to check that using the symbol with underscore.
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