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on balance volume and chaikin money flow

i am interested in the relation between chaiken money flow and on balance volume
it seems they should be complimentary
both up most positive- bullish
one up one down - indecisive
both down - bearish/weak
your thoughts
please refer me to a discussion of this
thanks in advance
john O'Connell


  • You may have seen the Chart School article on CMF here

    I think CMF might be compared to Chaiken's Accumulation/Distribution indicator instead of OBV - OBV and Chaikin A/D sort of do the same thing, but Chaiken's calculation is more complicated. In any case, CMF is a measure of momentum in the Chaiken A/D.

    It might help to put one beside the other, but the CMF calculation is based on the A/D, so it will vary with the A/D. In any case, as the article suggests, the indicator is meant to be compared to price and divergences indicate possible turns in price.
  • thanks quick comment
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