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Scanning Mach histogram

Hi: Does anyone know how to add the following to a scan.
1) Macd Histogram on monthly chart is "Stepping higher" -higher this month than last month
Macd Weekly Histogram on weekly chart is "Stepping Higher" - higher this week than last week


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    WANTED to ADD to above post. I need these histograms to have been above 0 for 2 months and histogram to have been below 0 ---3 months ago. additional criteria to above post
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    I assume you know the syntax and just want help with the logic.

    You have spelled out what you want, so just do it in order, first for the monthly, then for the weekly:

    and 3 months ago monthly macd hist < 0
    and 2 months ago monthly macd hist > 0
    and 1 month ago monthly macd hist > 2 months ago monthly macd hist

    Same thing for weekly, just substitute weeks and weekly for months and monthly.

    You may have to think about how many monthly or weekly bars you want to look at and how to refer to them. For instance, the current month is July, 1 month ago is June, 2 months ago is May and 3 months ago is April.
    The monthly macd hist value for July is as of the current date even though it's not the end of the month yet; for June the macd hist value is as of the close of trading on the last trading day in June, etc.

    Also, the close of the week and the close of the month may not occur on the same day (last day of June was a Tuesday, not a Friday), so you may have an incomplete month or an incomplete week whenever you run the scan. Part of the problem with mixing time frames in a scan. That may or may not affect whether the results are useful to you.
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    Thank you Mark
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