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Scan for sector and industry ETFs


How does one scan for a list of Sector and Industry ETFs ? Thanks.


  • As far as I know, ETFs do not have a sector or industry property associated with them, so you can't scan to find them directly.

    However, you can scan for key words that might be in the name associated with the symbol. For instance,

    [group is ETF]
    and [exchange is NYSE]
    and [name contains 'gold']

    might pick up some gold etfs, but not necessarily all of them. Change gold to 'health' or just do group is etf and

    [name starts with 'a']

    to get a list of all etfs starting with a to get an idea of what key words might work.
  • This is an interesting method to find ETFs and I will check it out later. Thanks much for answering my questions, markd.
  • Sometimes you have to improvise :smile:

    It's worth reviewing the sample scans, the instructional videos, the scan syntax pages, etc. to get a feel for what can be done. If you are dedicated and have big blocks of time, you can go in order start to finish. If not, you can dip in here and there to see if there is something you can use right away.
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