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P&F Bullish objective

When I look at a P&F chart, above the chart, it describes the P&F pattern (for example, Ascending Triple Top Breakout) and in many cases also has a bullish price objective. Using the chart of Nike (NKE) for example, it shows an objective of 98, up from current price of 79 and change. How is this objective determined, and how reliable are they

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  • Thanks Gord. Shortly after I posted, I thought, "Gee, I'll check the chart school." Sure enough found the answers.
  • As a follow up FYI, if you look at the date of my original post, 9/2, where the price was 79, although it fluctuated a bit, it got to the bullish objective of 98 by end of Nov., and now has a bullish objective of 130. Gee, guess I should have held on! Happy New Year.
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