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MA cross over


I want to scan for weekly moving average cross over. Is the following language written correctly ?

1. [this week's ema(5,close) > this week's ema (8,close)] and [last week's ema(5,close) < last week's ema (8,close)]


2. [this week's ema (5,close) x this week's (8,close)].

Thanks for your help.


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    and [weekly ema(5,weekly close) x weekly ema (8, weekly close)]

    that says, this week's ema 5 of weekly closes crossed above this week's ema 8 of weekly closes.

    You need the modifier weekly in front of the function ema( ), and within the parentheses of the function to tell it what to average, in the this case, weekly closes.

    If you put no modifier, the scan engine assumes you mean daily. So, if you leave out a modifier, the scan syntax checker may not give you an error, but you would be asking for, for instance, a weekly ema of a daily close, which doesn't make sense.
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    Thanks, markd.

    I didnt know about the modifier and thanks for pointing that out.

    If Instead if I want to scan for weekly ema (5,close) crosses up weekly ema (8,high), is the following correct ?

    [weekly ema (5, weekly close) x weekly ema (8, weekly high)] ? Thanks.
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    should work. Keep in mind though, as a rule of thumb, every line in a scan except the first one begins with "and".
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