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Narrow pivot range

Hi there,

If in a central pivot range the upper value is defined by this code (I think):
and [close < [[1 day ago High + 1 day ago Low + 1 day ago Close] /3] - [1 day ago High + 1 day ago Low /2] + [1 day ago High + 1 day ago Low + 1 day ago Close] /3]

And the lower by this:
and [close > [1 day ago High + 1 day ago Low] /2]

How can I join both formulas together and scan for stocks with a narrow pivot range? A diference of 2% for example between the upper and lower values?

Thanks in advanve


  • I don't know much about pivot points, so I don't know if your formulas are correct.

    Assuming they are, you want to subtract the lower value from the higher value and divide the result by the lower value, and compare that to two per cent

    and [ [upper value] - [lower value] ] / [lower value] ] < .02]

    Need I say it, watch the brackets.
  • Many thanks!

    I have done a scan and apparently it does the trick... i knew those math lessons i didn´t pay attention to one day would be needed!
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