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52 week high edit

Hello! Ive done several searches and I just need help with a scanning question. I'm trying to modify the 52 week new high scan.

[country = US] and [today's high > yesterday's daily max(253,high)]

Whats the right syntax to say = Scan for stocks making new 5week highs, or 6 week highs, or 7?


  • I would recommend staying within one time frame. So a week is normally five trading days, so for multiple weeks, multiply the number of week by 5, e.g. 5 weeks would be twenty five days.

    So, in the scan above, substitute 25 for 253. For six weeks the number would 30, for 7 weeks 35, etc.
  • Thank you! Thats perfect.
  • asdf512txasdf512tx
    edited August 2020
    How would you write "1st 8 week high" same?

    Thank you so much
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2020
    Yes, 5 x 8 =40

    I'm not sure how you could guarantee getting the first one though. I suppose you could test for the day before being less than the max 40 from the day before. Or, you could test for yesterday's max 39 less than today's max 40, or something along those lines.

    Sorry, just ideas. Don't have time to test it.
  • Thanks for the feed back ill play around more.
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