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CANE - (sugar ETF)

hi i am looking at CANE which is the same thing as "sugar #11" futures market (or i thought it was) however when you look at the price today it shows a reversal fully engulfing candle over yesterdays price however when you look at it on the which is the futures version of it, it shows sugar as a down day. In other words they are not showing the same/similar price structure. can someone please help me understand what i am missing here? thanks


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2020
    Well, they are two different instruments and trade separately. Neither one is very liquid, so possibly you could have a short squeeze in one of them, but not the other. Also, they may have different market hours, so one chart is anticipating the other. Also, you could see what CANE actually is by looking at the prospectus - it could be a combination of several different contracts, not just the current one.

    If you look at the daily $SUGAR - the end of day continuous contract on Stockcharts - you can see that CANE and $SUGAR have the same general shape even if they don't match on every bar.
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