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Scan for a change during a single day or hour.

I'm trying to figure out how to take a snapshot of inter-day trading? Like volume or price change. I want to write a scan that will check for a change over the last hour I run the scan for . Like currently in contrast to the hour before. I'm looking for the Price and or volume changes in my portfolio. I want to check things during the day to see if I want to make changes to my stock or option positions. I would appreciate someone telling me the symbols to write for a period of time. Thank you!


  • Unfortunately, the scan engine does not recognize time intervals lower than daily - i.e. you cannot scan for hourly, half hourly, five minute, etc. indicators or data.

    When you run a scan during the day, the scan engine considers the most recent update as the close for the time frame you are scanning in. So, for instance, if you have a daily indicator in your scan, and you run the scan at 1:12 pm (eastern) and the last update was 1:10 pm, your scan will be calculated as if the day (or week or month if you used weekly or monthly indicators) closed at 1:10 pm.

    You could use the scanner for price or volume or indicator changes from yesterday's close to the most recent update, but you could not compare changes from one hour to the next (except indirectly, comparing scan results from earlier intraday scans to the current intraday scan).

    Some brokers offer trading software for that allows intraday scanning.
  • I'm using etrade pro right now. I'm still learning what their possibilities might be.
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