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10/20/50 MA within 1.5% scan

I think I am getting close with this:

and [country = us]
and [SMA(20,close)> 1.00]
and [SMA(20,volume)> 100000]
and [close >= sma(50,close)*0.99]
and [close <= sma(50,close)*1.01]
and [close >= sma(10,close)*0.99]
and [close <= sma(10,close)*1.01]
and [close >= ema(20,close)*0.99]
and [close <= ema(20,close)*1.01]

Does anyone have any other parameters to show the convergence of the 3 moving averages all within 1.5% of each other, including price. This is a kind of TTM squeeze I search for.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2020
    I think you want to choose one value as an "anchor" - that is, something all other values are within 1.5 % of.

    Probably the logical candidate for the anchor is the close. So, test whether each MA is within 1.5% of the close:

    and [sma(10, close) <= close * 1.015]
    and [sma(10, close) >= close * .985]
    and [ema(20, close) <= close * 1.015]

    But, you could experiment with any of the MAs as the anchor and see which works best. I would guess the 50. The close and the two shorter MAs would converge more frequently even when they are not near the 50 because shorter MAs turn faster (so they cross or get nearer the close more often). So it's really about the close getting near the 50.
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    awesome thanks! I'll try this
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