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using a mo. chart for IVV with FULL STO 20,3,3

panel below chart i included SPY with FULL STO 20,3,3

time frame is july 2010 for analysis.

full sto for IVV & SPY are not aligned for this time period only but in alignment for other time frames.????????????????????????????????

asked STOCKCHARTS TECH support this question and referred to this location.

robert g.


  • KevoKevo
    edited September 2014
    This is a good question. Keep in mind that IVV and SPY are two different products by two different companies. They just happen to track the same index. You may notice that their daily and weekly charts are the same, but the price is slightly different. Also, volume patterns/history differs considerably.

    The reason why the monthly has different indicator patterns is because, since they are two different products, SCC has less historical data for IVV than SPY likely because IVV is newer. Therefore, the monthly calculations are distorted for IVV in the earlier years since there is less historical data.

    You might also notice that the date axis appears different as well. It looks like IVV got started around the middle of 2000, whereas SPY has been around since before 1981.
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