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Good afternoon, I am trying to do a Bollinger Band scan for a weekly chart result. This is the predefined scan for the daily: and [yesterday's close >= yesterday's lower bb(20,2)] and [today's close < today's lower bb(20,2)]
I tried the following the same pattern for the weekly as follows :and [1 WEEK AGO close >= 1 WEEK AGO lower bb(20,2)] and [WEEKLY close < WEEKLY lower bb(20,2)] This scan does not seem to work consistently. I want to scan each day for 1 week before. Will this work? Or is the scan on effective at the end of a week (Fridays)? Kind regards...


  • Just a little syntax correction needed:

    and [1 WEEK AGO weekly close >= 1 WEEK AGO weekly lower bb(20,2)]
    and [WEEKLY close < WEEKLY lower bb(20,2)]

    In the first line, you needed to specify that you wanted to work with the weekly close and the weekly indicator.

    If you don't specify a time frame, the scan engine assumes you mean daily, EVEN IF you also use terms like "1 week ago". It can't figure out that you must mean weekly data, you need to tell it.
  • Thank you so much!
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