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Scanning for an X% slope of the upper or lower Bollinger Band over an "x" number of bars

How can I write a clause for a scan that show those of a market or a list that
"has an Upper Bollinger Band with a slope >45 degrees using the last 5 (or any number) of bars"?

A newbie just starting to work with scans.




  • Here is the clause:

    and [Slope(5,Upper BB(20,2)) > 0.45]

    I am not sure how to convert 45 degrees into a Slope value? Will someone comment on this? Thanks.
  • Thanks MUCH Kevo. I'll give it a try and let you know if what I had in mind.
  • It worked INDEED.
    Here is my whole scan with the slope incorporated.
    [type is stock] and [Daily Volume > 40000]
    and [RSI(7) > 50.0]
    and [MACD Line(12,26,9) > 0] and [MACD Signal(12,26,9) > 0.0] and [MACD Hist(12,26,9) > 0.0]
    and [Slow Stoch %D(14,13,3) > 50.0]
    and [Slope(5,Upper BB(20,2)) > 0.45]
    and [today's Close >yesterday's close]
    and [today's Close >2 days ago close]
    and [today's Close >3 days ago close]
    and [today's Close >4 days ago close]
    and [today's Close >5 days ago close]
    and [ROC(2) > 3.0]
    and [group is SP500]

    I placed an order for COST an hour ago.
  • adding the slope reduced my 10 results to one.
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