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Do divergences work for the RRG Indicators?

It looks like they do for both, the JdK RS-Ratio and the JdK RS-Momentum. Could someone confirm it?


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    Hi dreamtalk, as mentioned in the other post, RRG Charts are not meant for trading signals. A quick review of the RRG ChartSchool article does not discuss divergences either for the two RRG axis plotted in the indicator window. I believe that the two axes are simply transposed from the quad and laid out horizontally in an indicator window, but I am not certain. These two indicators are not established at least for divergence purposes. I would recommend using something established like MACD for divergence purposes.
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    Divergence is a "tricky one". The RRG lines are not constructed like RSI, MACD, SToch etc. hence it is difficult to apply the same "rules". Having said that I have found that sometimes divergences can be spotted on the JdK RS-Ratio line preceding turns in the raw Relative Strength line. Divergences in the JdK RS-Momentum lines may be used to "peek ahead" into the behaviour of the JdK RS-Ratio line but I'm not sure yet if I would be a big fan of that as you will be peeking ahead of an already leading indicator (Rate of change) and thus trying to lead a leading indicator .... hmmmmmm
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