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ppo and rsi scanning in sames rules

i am scanning for rsi >70 atleaast once in last 30 days and this rule fails. where am i making a mistake
[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 400000] and

and [min(30, RSI(14)) > 68))>1]


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2020
    Try this:

    and [max(30, RSI(14) > 70]

    You want at least one reading ABOVE some value over some period of time, so use max( ). Max( ) allows some readings to be below the target value, but requires at least one value (the max) to be above the target value.

    note: You don't need to specify the ">1" for the number of instances the function is true, because the function already "knows" it will be true only if it finds at least one instance on its own.

    If you wanted EVERY reading above some value, you would use min( ) - because that can be true only when the smallest value is still above the target value.

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