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How do I write the code to show only those issues that have crossed above zero for Monthly PPO Line?

Here's what I have so far;
[type is stock] and [monthly PPO Line(1,12,0) x 0.0]
But this produces what I think are all of the names above zero, not the new crossovers from yesterday.


  • You are getting many results because [type is stock] includes many thousands of symbols from exchanges around the world.

    Try [group is DOW30] instead of [type is stock]. You will see it's working correctly.

    Then think about how you want to limit the symbols you look at - i.e., your "universe". You could use a group, like sp500, or you could limit by market cap, by volume, by price, etc. The choices are in the Ticker Properties drop down, and/or the Indexes and ETFs drop down and/or the Price,Volume&SCTRs drop down.
  • Thanks. I've also applied it to just a chartlist I have and it works pretty well, but I have to test it going forward as I'm not sure the qualifiers are just the crossovers from yesterday or over say the past month or so.

    I've also limited by price and volume which helped.

    Getting closer!
  • A monthly time frame scan is most accurate after the close of business on the last trading day of the month. That's when the month is complete.

    If you run the scan during the current month, it considers the scan date (and time) as the end of the month, even though it isn't. So, between the current date and the end of the month, the scan results can change because the data will (most likely) be different.

    If you want to run an accurate monthly scan for the last complete month, set the scan date (calendar pop up above the scan window on the scan workbench) for the last day of the most recent completed month.
  • This is somewhat helpful, but just daily observation of a few names shows that the result using the monthly scan is different each day. So it must be fluid and move along. It's this difference from yesterday that I'm trying to capture.
  • The data is different everyday, so the result is different.

    You won't capture the day to day change in intramonth results with the "x" operator because it will compare the the most recent close (today's intramonth result) to the last close of the prior complete month, not yesterday's intramonth result.

    Maybe instead of using the "x" operator, write out the comparison:

    and [monthly PPO Line(1,12,0) > 0.0]
    and [ 1 day ago monthly PPO Line(1,12,0) < 0]

    I'm not sure if the scan engine will do this correctly. You may get a syntax warning but run it anyway and check the results.

    Or, maybe explore the weekly or daily time frame for PPO with custom parameters to change the length of the look back period.
  • It doesn't like mixing 1 day ago with monthly.
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