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I paid for real time quotes a couple of days ago. I am still getting delayed quotes.

Sent a message to Customer Service. No reply.


  • We don't work for Stockcharts here, this is a user site and we are all subscribers, not staff.

    Just to avoid confusion - on Stockcharts, real-time does NOT mean streaming quotes (at least not on SharpCharts; I don't know how they handle on it on ACP). The fastest update interval is 5 seconds if you have a "Pro" subscription, otherwise its 15 seconds (or whatever you select in your "Refresh" drop down).

    Also, by default, "Refresh" is OFF! (again, this is Sharpcharts, not ACP) And Refresh is available only on the Chart Workbench, not in any list view (e.g. 10 per page, Candleglance).

    On the Chart Workbench, you have to make a selection from the Refresh drop down to see changing prices. If you have chosen an interval from Refresh, and you don't see updates happening (on a BUSY symbol, like an index - and using an intraday time frame, like 5 minutes), then you may have a problem.

    So, if Refresh is not working for you:

    If you haven't already, check your account page (drop down under your name on your Dashboard).

    Confirm whether you are actually signed up for ANY real-time plan (there are 4) - you might have chosen a different plan than the one you intended (click on the Manage Data Plans link), so you would not be seeing real time because you have it on a different market.

    Also, confirm that you paid with the credit card listed on your account and that the credit card has not expired (and of course that your limit is ok). You might also be able to check with your credit card company to see if the transaction went through.

    Finally, if your transaction actually went through and it shows on your account page, you should have received an automated email from Stockcharts confirming the details of the transaction.

    If you've checked and everything is correct - your account page says you are getting the real-time plan you requested - but you know you are not, then it would probably help if you reply to the confirming email.

    Also, depending on what you are trading, not every stock has transactions every minute of the day, so it might seem you are not getting updates if you are looking mainly at lower volume stocks.
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