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scan stocks where monthly volume increased

i want to scan stocks where this month volume was 1.5 times average monthly volume. how can i do it? this is what i tried but it does not yeild the right results
[type = stock]

and [monthly volume > SMA(9,monthly Volume)*1.5]


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2020
    and [monthly volume > monthly SMA(9,monthly Volume)*1.5]

    Try that. The timeframe modifier ("monthly") needs to modify the sma function, too.

    I don't think this requirement is in the documentation, although it should be (maybe it is, I can't find it easily).

    So, if you use a function in a time frame other than "daily" , which is the default, you have to use the time frame modifier in front of the function *AND* in front of any terms INSIDE the function.

    So, if you wanted to rewrite your condition for weekly, it would be

    and [weekly volume > weekly sma(9, weekly volume) * 1.5]
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