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Multiple ChartLists

What is the easiest way to move stocks/symbols from one ChartList to another?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2020
    Describing the process is much more complicated than actually doing it.

    First, have a destination list in mind. If you don't have one, make a new list and remember what you name it.

    Then, from the Chart List on your Dashboard, find your source list (the one that has symbols you want to move)

    Next to the List Name column is the "View List" column with a drop down button in each row labelled "View As".

    Click on the View As button next to your source list and select "Edit List"

    From the symbol list, select the symbols you want to move by clicking on the check box beside (to the left) of each symbol.

    At the bottom of the list, run your cursor over the row of icons that begins "Select All". The middle three are Copy, Move, Merge.

    Decide which of those actions you want.

    Click on the Select Chartlist button, select a chartlist, then click Go.

    Copy adds the symbol to the destination list without removing it from the source list.

    Move adds the symbol to the destination list and does remove it from the source list.

    Merge also adds the symbol to the destination list, but if the symbol is already there, and there are any differences between the source and destination versions of the charts, it adds the source version to the list and keeps the destination version.

    If I remember correctly, if the symbol already exists in the destination list, and the chart is different (meaning anything about the name or style is different, time frames, indicators, size, etc.), the source chart will overwrite the destination chart (you can experiment with this).

    P.S. you can do this from any list drop down on any page. You don't have to come back to Dashboard, It's just easier to explain it from that page.
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